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Release 0.04

Soma2 0.04 includes a new, threading listener. The listeners are responsible for waiting on incoming HTTP connections, and having a threaded one will make SSL support possible. The default is still the older, non-blocking one (which is faster - Soma2 is designed from the ground up around that style of coding), but by adding


to the <server> tag in your soma.xml file, you can get a a threaded listener.

Version 0.04 is also the first to support more than one server at a time - although this has been a goal from the beginning, it was simply never written in until now. As a result, the soma.xml file now has a <soma-configuration> as its root element, with one or more <server>s underneath it.

The README file contains instructions for running Soma2

To download, go to the Soma2 Project Page and check the file release section.

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