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Quick FAQ

Q: Does Soma2 really need Java 1.5 to work?
A: Yes. It will neither compile nor run without it.

Q: What about Retroweaver?
A: Although Retroweaver seems to support most language features, it still will not work, because Soma2 uses enums and classes from 1.5 as well.

Q: Can I help?
A: Yes! send me an email (see the bottom of the screen for info), and we can figure something out.

Q: What is the relation of Soma2 to the original Soma?
A: Soma2 has inherited what was good about the design of the original Soma web server (such as its modular nature and easy-to-use default configuration) and extends it. While Soma2 shares code with Soma (why fix what isn't broken?), the usage of JDK 1.4 and new design requires a great deal of new code to be written.

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