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Soma2 is

  • A powerful web server being developed for the Java 1.5 platform.
  • Designed from the ground up to be modular, secure, portable, and to achieve high performance under any conditions.
  • Built on years of previous work on Java-based web servers.
  • Free software licensed under an extremely liberal (BSD-like) license.


Soma2 0.04 Released (April.11.2004)

Soma2 v0.04 ("Easter Bunny") was released today. It includes support for multiple concurrent servers, as well as a new thread-based HttpListener, which will be needed for SSL support.
For more, see the release page.

Soma2 0.03 Released (Mar.26.2004)

This mostly fixes bugs and replaces the old configuration engine. Very few user-visible changes were made. Check the release page as usual.

Soma2 0.02 Released

This new version implements many of the features missing in the original release as well as improving stability and perfomrance. Read the release page for more.

Soma2 0.01 Released

This is the first release of Soma2. It's very early, don't expect much. Check the release page for info

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